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Tactic Pest Control | Townsville Pest Control

Service Areas: Townsville

Tactic Pest Control in Townsville is a locally owned and operated business servicing the greater Townsville region from Termites which can destroy your home to pests such as:

  • Cockroaches 
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Fleas and Ticks
  • Silverfish 
  • Mosquitoes 
  • Bed Bugs and Rodents


 Just to name a few. Tactic Pest Control has the skills and knowledge to effectively protect you, your family and your home. 


Tactic Pest Control has a 12-month warranty for most of their home pests services. This is the basis of their Gone! Guaranteed! Promise they have with their customers. Due to the nature of pests such as ants, spiders, and even cockroaches, one treatment may not be enough. We like our clients to be satisfied, and we will continue to return to your home for the life of the Warranty free-of-charge to retreat the entire home if necessary. They don't want 80%, 90%, or even 95% of our clients happy, they aim for 100% satisfaction - every time. 



Tactic Pest Control gives customers the choice of:

  • Pre-purchase inspection - takes 1.5 to 2 hours. They can also arrange your building inspection
  • Annual Termite Inspection - Existing home. Annual, warranty renewal and pre-protection installation inspection
  • Pre-sale Inspection - Forewarned is forearmed. Fix issues before placing your home on the market




Be pest free for a full 12 months with Tactic Pest Control's complete home protection package

  • Full timber pest inspection and report (termites)
  • Cockroaches, ants, spider treatment with 12 month warranty
  • Bonus Silverfish treatment 
  • 3 x External Mosquito treatments over 12 months - normally
  • Package price is $750

Normal value if completed separately is $1150



They offer a flea and tick service:

  • Flea and Tick Program - 3 month warranty from date of 2nd treatment. Covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. 


With a non-bond return treatment. This treatment is for homes with a flea or tick problem. Includes 3 months supply of Advantix for 1 dog, plus minimum of two complete treatments. 


What is PetSure?

Tactic Pest Control has been assisting Townsville families to fight Fleas and Ticks using a comprehensive treatment method for nearly a decade. After years of treating Fleas and Ticks along with research into the life cycle of the pests Tactic Pest Control conducted trials towards treatment of Fleas and Ticks in a more effective way. After the successful trials we introduce PetSure Flea and Tick Treatments. This treatment system has benefited over 12'000 of our clients since 2002 and our success rate is second to none! 


So you want your pests gone! Tactic Pest Control will help you! 



Phone: 4725 0021  View Number

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