Trade Tips

Your DIH (Do-it-Herself) Tools!

Every DIY-er needs a few "tools of the trade" to help get the job done. Keep these essential items handy when designing, renovating or decorating your home!

  1. Digital Camera: Take photos of EVERYTHING! Items that you already own and want to keep and new pieces that you have purchased or want to buy. Most phones these days come with 'okay' quality cameras that are perfect to use when you are out and about and have forgotten your digital camera. Photograph items up close, such as fabrics etc that you can't get samples of. Images are helpful for pulling looks together and make sure that if you are renovating or decorating, that you take photos through its various stages of progress;
  2. Calculator: a small pocket one will do the trick or again, your mobile phone may have one built in;
  3. Sturdy box: For bulky samples such as tiles, stone, sample paint pots, wood panels and fabric swatches; 
  4. Tape Measures (x2): Two will be useful to lay on the floor at right angles to get the accurate size of a piece of furniture or for working out height;
  5. Masking Tape: Handy for marking lines on floors for furniture placement;
  6. Grid Paper: A drawn to scale version of the room you're working on is the best way to ensure that everything fits. Draw your furniture items to scale on grid paper and then move them around the space, checking for best fit;
  7. Working document: Create a spreadsheet with a record of everything that you and your builder/contractor are working with (for example, specific paint brands and colours) and make sure you include all pricing!
  8. Folder: A folder with plastic sleeves and dividers. In the folder divide everythingroom by room and include the following:
  • Data Sheets - on each item. It could be a printout from a website, manuals/info it came with or measurements and info included in a catalogue. It's helpful to know the measurements and technical details
  • Floorplan - and cut outs of all your furniture
  • Sleeve - with tile samples, fabric swatches etc
  • Business cards - of all your contacts and resources
  • Invoices - for all work completed and items bought
  • Quotes - for work, items etc
  • Colour photographs - of fabrics, furnishings, etc especially if no samples are available to take away with you

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